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Prowrap Professional Aluminium Foil Cutterboxes 30 cm

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Catering Foil - the professionals choice 11 Micron, 30cm wide, 75m on a roll. Cuter box dispenser for ease of use.

Used for a number of purposes from wrapping food for cooking in ovens, wrapping sandwiches. Foil is a versatile food-wrapping medium, available in specific qualities, to cater for every need in the industrial kitchen and other high profile food prep areas. Suitable for a variety of applications, this heavy-duty foil is ideal as a hygienic food cover prior to refrigeration, or conversely, as a method to insulate cooked food ready for serving.

Alternatively, reduce the effort of cleaning baked on spillage by lining the oven, grill pans and trays with this superb foil! The packaging doubles as a handy dispenser and has been developed to accommodate the high volume roll in a neat, compact box, ensuring ease of handling and thoughtful utilization of space in these critical areas.

Poly-wrapped for protection during storage and waste disposal is also minimized. Before using foil in a microwave oven, check the microwave manufacturer user handbook. Catering Foil 30cm x 90m

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