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Evans A112AEV Apeel Orange Cleaner RTU 750ml

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6 x 750 mL
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Evans Vanodine A112 Apeel Orange Cleaner is a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner and degreaser with the fresh smell of oranges. It has a neutral pH, making it suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including vinyl, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, vitreous enamel and paintwork.

Evans Vanodine A112 Apeel Orange Cleaner Features:
 - Quick acting multi-purpose cleaner.
 - Contains an ingredient derived from orange peel.
 - Removes ingrained dirt, heavy grease & certain types of graffiti.
 - Leaves a fresh clean smell.
 - Contains a pH 8.0.
 - Particularly useful for removing body fat from washrooms.

How to Use Evans Vanodine A112 Apeel Orange Cleaner
 - General Soiling: Dilute upto 1:100 parts with hot water (50ml per 5ltr) or x4 capsful per 5ltr.
 - Removal Of Graffiti From Paintwork and Certain Other Surfaces: Dilute 50-50 with hot water. Apply to the surface and leave for a few minutes. Agitate and wipe clean.

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