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Chemspec Soil Retardant Roto Brite With Stainshield

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Encapsulating cleaner with soil retardant

Chemspec has combined two proven performers in a single product. EncapBrite SR gives you the superior bonnet cleaning power of EncapBrite plus the outstanding protection of "soil-resistant" retardant in one easy-to-use formula. A highly concentrated encapsulation cleaner designed for interim carpet maintenance cleaning. Formulated with a specialised soil retardant that dramatically reduces the surface energy of the fibers and lowers the ability for soils to bond with fibers after cleaning. Using EncapBrite SR will significantly reduce cleaning frequency. It keeps soil and stain protection at peak levels to reduce re-soiling and helps you maintain optimum carpet appearance without spending a lot of your valuable time and labor on the job. Because there is no measurable residue, re-soiling is retarded and carpet appearance is impressive. No residue means you can apply topical treatments, such as anti-static sprays and protectors, almost immediately.

pH: 8.6

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