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Deb Sunflower Wash Hand Cleanser 4 Litre Heavy Duty

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4 x 2 Litre
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Deb sunflower wash is a solvent-free general heavy duty hand cleanser with Deb's patented combination of sunflower oil esters and cornmeal hand scrub.

For use at the end of each work period, or more frequantly if required, to remove most common industrial soilings.

Caring yet effective formula - Works efficiently to remove many common industrial contaminants such as oils, greases and general grime.

Contains DEBASOL® solvent-free cleansing power - A unique patented synergistic blend of sunflower oil esters and non-ionic surfactants. Excellent cleaning power is derived from the non-solvent ingredients, which do not defat, irritate or dry the skin as is often associated with solvent based cleansers.

Light pleasant floral fragrance - Floral scent makes the product pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh.

Hygienic - The cartridge is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process to protect the product. The unique patented pump is designed to prevent air ingress into the cartridge during normal use and thus minimise the risk of external contamination.

No wastage - As no air passes back through the pump the cartridge collapses during normal use to maximise evacuation of product.

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