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Dispomop alloy telescopic handle 1m to 1.6m Silver/Blue 1m (39") to 1.6m (71")

Dispomop - disposable microfibre dry and damp mops The first full microfibre 2-step mop system, both dry and damp mops work with the same pad, frame and handle. Dry mops pick up dirt and dust, damp mop requires little or no chemicals, just a little water.

Dispomop : Ecological values and disinfection performance successfully mastered! Dispomop is the first microfibre disposable mop (awarded in 2003), validated to the industry disinfection standard EN13697 protocols. This is the first time ever achieved in the textile world! Floor disinfection with only Dispomop and water is now a proven process and establishes a new standard for safe and effective surface decontamination, without the use of harmful chemicals.

With only 11g of textile incorporating the optimum proportion of microfibre, Dispomop is the easiest and most efficient solution for disinfection. No chemical preparation, no residues, just a light micro-film of water which evaporates in seconds leaving a microbiologically clean and decontaminated surface. Manufactured using advanced automated ultrasonic cutting tools, Dispomop provides a highly competitive solution for all cleaning challenges.

Food preparation, hospital infection prevention & control are safely supported by the Dispomop disposable mop system. With a lightweight telescopic handle and a velcro frame, the Dispomop concept is very ergonomic and flexible in all cleaning applications. The Dispomop cleans floors, ceilings and walls, faster and at a lower cost per use than any conventional chemical cleaning methods

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