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Aviva II Soap Dispenser Chrome

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Upgrade the functionality and style of your bath and Soap facilities with the help of this LFS 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser. chrome wall mounted locking soap dispenser with translucent bottle. Ideal for hotels, cruise lines, and assisted living facilities, this elegant dispenser can be used to dispense liquids ranging from shampoo and conditioner to soap, Soap gel, and lotion with just the push of a button. It includes a liquid identification label so that your guests will know what's being dispensed, as well as a translucent bottle for your convenience. The translucent bottle will help your staff easily see when refills are needed for extra efficiency. Thanks to the patented "true pump system," this dispenser delivers precise pumps no matter how thick the liquid. It's tested to perform for up to 300,000 cycles, so it's sure to prove a long-lasting addition to your facility. With an attractive chrome finish and curved design, it will also complement virtually any decor! This unit includes the Paya logo so that your guests can quickly recognize the identity of your bath products.

LFS 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser Features:
- Made of plastic
- For easy filling just lift the bracket
- 350ml capacity per chamber
- There are silicone adhesive with two way tape
- Assembly required
- Lifetime warranty is provided for the pump

LFS 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser Dimensions:
(h x w x d) 175 x 185 x 70mm

Capacity: 2 x 350ml

LFS 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser comes with a tamper-proof locking lid to help prevent theft and defacement. It's easy to mount, fill, and use so that it can begin offering superior performance in your establishment right away. To fill this dispenser, open the locking lid, take out the chamber to top it off, and simply pop it back in. Your guests can dispense soap, shampoo, or whatever liquid you choose by pushing the button, which generates the perfect amount each time and never becomes clogged, unlike other dispensers.

When you switch to LFS 2 Chamber Soap Dispenser, you help eliminate the proliferation of single-use plastic in your facility! By choosing this dispenser, you create less waste and help make a difference. Your guests will appreciate your dedication to maintaining an environmentally-friendly establishment by reducing the use of disposable plastic waste. Create a functional, stylish, and sustainable washroom for the convenience of your guests with this dispenser!

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