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Enov eFill 500 Concentrate Bactericidal Kitchen Cleaner

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Enov E-Fill 500 is a powerful bactericidal detergent for use on all kitchen and canteen surfaces kills bacteria to EN1276. Also highly effective on bar tops and surrounds, vital on all surfaces around buffet hatches and self service points of sale.

Use one dose into a 750ml bottle to kill bacteria to EN 1276. Allow 5 minute contact time. For Spray and Wipe applications the product can pass EN 1276 within 30 seconds when diluted 1:20. The chamber doses 10ml.

The E-Fill chemical concentrate range from Enov provide a convenient way to accurately dose and provides a more manageable way to monitor and predict your chemical usage over time. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill the 10ml reservoir at the top and dose once into a 750ml trigger spray for general surface cleaning, or twice into a 10 litre bucket for mop and bucket cleaning.

One 1 litre bottle will provide you with 100 trigger refills.

How concentrated cleaning chemicals can benefit you, your business and the environment...

- The majority of cleaning chemicals are sold as ready-to-use formulas that require more plastic packaging for a chemical that provides a fraction of active in-use product when compared to products such as E-Fill.

- Carbon emissions and cost to the environent are hugely reduced through minimising packaging requirements for storage and transport

- Cleaning chemical concentrates save you space in your store cupboards.

- Saves you money through providing an easy and conventient way to dilute and minimise the opportunity for over-dosing, wastage and spillages.

- Goes much further than conventional cleaning chemicals for a fraction of the price.

E-Fill User Guide

Step 1: Gently squeeze bottle, pushing liquid up 'spout' and into dosing reservoir.

Step 2: Stop squeezing once reservoir is full - excess chemical will drain back into 'spout'.

Step 3: Carefully pour the contents of the reservoir into the trigger bottle. Remember to replace cap on concentrate bottle immediately afterwards.

Step 4: Insert spray head back onto bottle and secure and tighten.

Trigger Bottle Applications

If you are using a bucket application, please follow steps 1 and 2 above. Then ensure bucket is full with fresh, clean water. Then, pour contents of dosing reserviour into the bucket. Make sure the bottle is close to the waters surface and tip gently to avoid chemical splashes. Large buckets may require a second dose. Once dosing is complete replace cap on concentrate bottle and return to storage.

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