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eMist Professional Cold Fogger 240v

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eMist Pro Cold Fogger 240veMist Pro Cold Fogger 240v

A range of portable ULV applicators powered from a 240/220 Volt AC electric supply. A reliable and powerful electric high speed (35,000 rpm) AC induction motor and fan create very small spray droplets, in the 15-30um droplet size range, by using a vortical air shear nozzle.

The fine aerosoldroplets will remain airborne for an extended period of time and are dispersed over an extensive area by the powerful air outlet at the nozzle.

Advantages of the eMist Cable models:


  • Fireproofing. Casing is made from flame retardant Polyamide.
  • Acid-resistant.
  • Easy transport - comfortable Carrying Strap Included.
  • Long Reach of use - supplied with a 5 meter cable.
  • Solution tank easy for refilling and cleaning.
  • Fitted with UK plug.
  • Fine micron size 15-30 micron, so really ULV Applications. Seebelow droplet size calculations. These allows a uniform andsignificant fogging distance (12 m).


Water Based   D (v, 0.5)   

90ml/min. 5.4 L/h 30.34 um.

68ml/min. 4.0 L/h 27.76 um.

40ml/min. 2.4 L/h 27.78 um.

20ml/min. 1.2 L/h 25.80 um.

Oil Based   D (v, 0.5)

70ml/min. 4.2 L/h 28.88 um.

40ml/min. 2.4 L/h 19.87 um.

20ml/min. 1.2 L/h 20.05 um.

10ml/min. 0.6 L/h 19.55 um.

Electric Motor - 220-240 V, 800W

Solution Tank - HDPE, UV-light resistant, 5 litres with side filling

Spray Nozzle - double turbine type

Air Velocity - 130 m/s

Fogging Distance - 12 m

Shoulder Strap - double woven heavy-duty, 5 cm wide

Net Weight - 3.1kg

Dimensions - Ø28 x H40 cm

Flow Control - variable rotary control

Flow Rate Variable - 0-150 ml/min.

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