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Alcohol Hand Gel 450ml

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So Sterile Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500 mL

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Enov Instant Hand Sanitiser is highly effective. 99.99% kill of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria proven by independent test. Quick acting, easy to use formulation.

The ideal hand rub for food processing applications. Quick acting, non-tainting, food safe. Alcohol Sanitiser in 100ml atomising finger pumps.

Hand Sanitiser has been developed to meet the requirements of the food, catering and hospitality industries for a completely effective yet quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol hand rub, that leaves the hands dry, non-sticky and with no after odour making Hand Sanitiser equally suitable for medical and care service applications.

 - Wash and dry hands before applying Enov Instant Hand Sanitiser.
 - Apply a small quantity to hands and rub well in paying particular attention to finger nails and creases in skin.
 - Within a few seconds Enov Instant Hand Sanitiser will have evaporated leaving the skin soft and dry.

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