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Alcohol Hand Gel 450ml

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6 x 450 mL
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So Sterile Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 500 mL

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Enov HandiSan E140 Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is ideal for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Effective against bacteria and viruses, this hand sanitiser is particularly useful for food handling jobs, medical settings, care homes, laboratories and more; anywhere that contamination is a particular risk or concern.

Why choose Enov HandiSan E140 Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser?
- 70% plus alcohol rub for rapid and effective hand sanitising.
- E140 Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser was developed to meet the requirements of the food, catering and hospitality industries
- Quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol hand rub approved to both BS EN 1500 and BS EN 2176
- Built in skin conditioners prevent drying of skin whilst not leaving any sticky residue
- E140 Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiseris equally suitable for frequent use in medical and care service applications

How do you use Enov HandiSan E140 Instant Alcohol Hand Sanitiser?
1 - Apply a shot/pump of sanitiser.
2 - Rub your palms with fingers.
3 - Rub the back of each hand with palm.
4 - Rub your palms together.
5 - Rub your palms with your knuckles/nails.
6 - Rub your thumbs together.
7 - Rub your wrists with fingers.

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