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Enov Poolside Maintainer

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Enov P040 Eclipse Poolside Maintainer is a daily poolside cleaner and maintainer to control water-scale, body fats and bacteria. A blend of ultra-low foaming agents and surface-safe acids, Poolside Maintainer is formulated to ensure clean, hygienic, slip-resistant conditions without effect on the pool. Ensures that all surfaces around the poolside, wet areas and Jacuzzis remain free from soilage and bacteria, keeping all surfaces safe and in premium condition.
Ideal for use in health clubs, sport centres, leisure centres, changing rooms, shower areas and swimming pools.

Why choose Enov P040 Eclipse Poolside Maintainer?
- Removes calcium deposits and will restore the original surface texture and appearance of floor tiles without damaging the original substrate, grouting compound or fixing agents.
- Odourless and easy to use on floors and walls.
- Combined descaler and detergent for all acid resistant surfaces.
- Completely miscible with water.
- Easy to use with all professional floor cleaning machines, can be used manually with floor pads and brushes.
- May be used as a periodic deep cleaner and light maintenance cleaner for removal of limescale/calcium.

Where can you use P040 Eclipse Poolside Maintainer?
- Removing ingrained soiling and most external and internal foot traffic contamination.
- Dissolving soap and grease residues, bodyfats to swimming pools, spas and shower areas.
- For use on ceramic tiled floors, altro floors and ceramic wall tiles.
- Removes grout residues, cement films, efflorescence, rust and chalk deposits.

N.B. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, chrome or enamel. Do not leave neat material in prolonged contact; always rinse off.
It is recommended that a small area be tested for suitability prior to cleaning with Poolside Maintainer.

How do you use P040 Eclipse Poolside Maintainer?
- Dilute 1 part P040 Eclipse to 5 parts water.
- Brush the solution onto the surface to be cleaned starting at the bottom.
- Then thoroughly agitate the surface with a brush to remove loose dirt.
- Rinse off P040 Eclipse with water.
- For stubborn tarnishing the contact time may be increased or the product may be used more concentrated.
- Extra care should be taken when using neat material.

All surfactants contained in Enov Products meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water.

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