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Freedrain Drain Cleaner & Degreaser 5 Litre

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4 x 5 Litre
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Microbial product for the maintenance of drain lines, pipework and grease traps

Freedrain contains micro-organisms which have been selected for their ability to produce enzymes capable of degrading organic materials commonly found in drains, pipes and grease traps.

These strains are particularly effective lipase (grease degrading) producers. They also have the ability to degrade other waste materials such as starch and proteins.

The formulation includes some free enzymes designed to start the process of degradation until the microbes become active and produce their own enzymes.

The product contains a suspension agent to maintain the integrity of the formulation and thus prevent settling.

A little anionic surfactant is also added to help start the process of emulsification until the microbes start producing bio-surfactants themselves.

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