Litter Picker & Bag Hoops

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Litter Pickers

Litter pickers work by using a pull cord to clamp together two jaws at the end of a stick, designed to stop back strain by stopping the need to bend over when collecting litter or reaching for items that are out of normal arms reach. 
A litter picker is ideal for those with mobility issues or for repetitive work. 
Lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Holding Hoops

Our Litter Hoops are the perfect litter picking bag hoop / bin bag hoop constructed from heavy duty plastic.
Designed for holding refuse sacks / bin bags whilst litter picking. The litter picking hoop simply opens up so that bag can be slotted through and clamped into place.
The hoop ensures that there is constantly a wide opening so that litter can be easily placed into the refuse sack. With a convenient handle grip the HH1 Litter Picking Hoop is an essential piece of kit for any litter picking.