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Harvia Sauna Stones 20 Kg

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20 Kg
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Harvia Sauna Stones are selected according to old traditions and convey a genuine sauna atmosphere.

Harvia sauna stones provide good and soft heat. For electric sauna heaters and wood-burning sauna stove the split face sauna rocks / coals / stones are the correct stones. The split face stones can store a lot of heat and the water evaporates efficiently. The angular split face stones allows for loose placement of the stones, which is the most important requirement especially in an electric heater where it is important to get the heat to be conveyed to the sauna room between the hot stones and heating elements. The heating elements will therefore last a lot longer if there is good air circulation in the placement of the stones.

Light (ceramic), soft (soapstone), and smooth (rounded) sauna stones do not produce the desired results and they may cause problems in electric heaters in particular. Therefore, they must not be used.

Harvia sauna stones are available in two sizes. Stones in the range of 50 to 100 mm are suitable for wall-mounted heaters with a low power output. Larger sauna stones in the range of 100 to 150 mm are very well suited for larger woodburning stoves and electric heaters such as the Symphony and Forte heaters.

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This is a 20kg box.

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