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Paper Hot Cup White & White Traveler Lid Combo 16oz 473ml

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JanSan® White Paper Hot Cup and White Traveler Lid

Single Wall cup

Disposable White Paper Cup - No costly dishwashing equipment, resulting in additional savings on labor, water and detergent. Sanitary. No re-using of supplies, which is a major concern for hospitals and schools.

Poly-Coated Lining - For superior durability, this cup boasts a poly-coated lining that resists condensation accumulation. It protects the outside of the cup from weakening and helps to insulate hot beverages to keep them warm.

Rolled Rim - The cup has a tightly rolled rim that provides mess-free sipping and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible lid.

Tapered Sides - Its tapered sides ensure a comfortable grip and make it easy for customers to hold and transport while on the go.

Disposable Design - Once your guests have finished enjoying their delicious hot beverages, the cup is disposable for quick and easy clean up.

Solo Traveler Domed Lid

Traveler� Cappuccino Style Dome Lids


Traveler� lids allow extra space for froth or whipped cream for gourmet hot beverages. The inner ring reduces pop-off incidents, providing a more secure lid fit and reducing dribble at the rim and cup seam.

New Traveler lid available in polypropylene. Polypropylene lids are recyclable in communities that accept polypropylene #5 for recycling.

Available Sizes: 8oz (237ml), 10oz (300ml), 12oz (355ml), 16oz (473ml) and 20oz(600ml)

Cup Dimensions with Lid: H:155.40mm (95.00mm Outside Diameter)

Box size: 1000 Cups and 1000 Lids

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