Swimming Pool Starter Kits

CleaningProducts.net supplies a great range of spa starter kits from the more basic options, which include the essentials such as chlorine or bromine, pH & alkalinity balancers, and test strips, through to more complete options, which also includes things like shock treatment and Water Clarifier.

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  1. Above Ground Pool Chemical Kit
    £24.58 £29.50 Inc. VAT
  2. Blue Horizons Pool Splasher Starter Kits
    4 x Sets
    £22.03 £26.44 Inc. VAT
  3. Sun Fun Pool Splasher Kit
    Regular Price £18.99 £22.79 Inc. VAT Special Price £17.09 £20.51 Inc. VAT
  4. Aquablanc Spa Non Chlorine Starter Kits
    2 x Kits
    £95.93 £115.12 Inc. VAT
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Blue Horizons

To celebrate Blue Horizons being the UK’s most comprehensive range of high quality water treatment products for the past ten years, we’ve given the range a new fresh look and feel to continue the great success of this brand and continue to make this the go-to range of swimming pool chemicals.

This Blue Horizons range will continue to use the popular BOAST system and also include a range of innovative speciality products. Rest assured that by using our simple system, you will have pool water to BOAST about throughout the swimming season.

B Balance your pool water for bather comfort & maximum chemical efficiency.
O Oxidise to establish a sanitiser level then weekly to destroy bather wastes.
A Algae prevention. Stop algae establishing themselves in your pool water.
S Sanitise. Maintain a constant sanitiser level to prevent & kill bacteria.
T Testing. Test your pool water to ensure the correct levels.

Blue Horizons Commercial

CleaningProducts.net offer a comprehensive range of pool and spa water treatment chemicals and chemical dosing equipment to accommodate any wet leisure facility, providing a “Complete Solution” for the private and commercial needs.

All products are backed up with technical product and application support via our friendly customer service team.