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Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin Bag

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Unger Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin is a high-grade, high-capacity, mixed bed resin for complete purification and deionization of water. Premium virgin resin produces 100% pure water, ideal for streak-free glass cleaning, and lasts a great deal longer than regenerated resin.

Premium virgin resin is gold in colour and supplied in a 25litre bag. It is recommended for use in the unger hi flo and hydropower di filters and ideal for demineralization in large workplaces including aquariums, laboratories, industrial and steam plants.
Latest technology, highest-grade Virgin Mixed bed DI Pure resin for total de-ionisation, gold colour, Immediately produces 100% pure water for streak free glass cleaning.

- Virgin Resin lasts much longer than regenerated resin.
- Di Mixed Bed Resin to go in refillable cartridges or pressure vessels.
- Demineralization Resins are used to reduce the TDS (polishing the water).
- The TDS from a RO unit is not always as low as needed so the use of DI resin will bring the TDS down to 0 ppm.

Also for Demineralization in Laboratories, Photo Laboratories, Aquariums, Steam Irons, Small Industrial Plants and Delicate Plants.

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