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Prochem Protreat

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Perfumed Floor Maintainer 5 Litre

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Prochem C502 Protreat is a balanced neutral floor maintainer and spray cleaner, formulated to clean, maintain and enhance the shine of emulsion polished, sealed floors and stone floors. Protreat contains a blend of detergents and polyethylene slip resistant wax and can be used on vinyl, linoleum, thermo-plastic, rubber, sealed wood and cork, terrazzo, marble and other non-porous smooth floorings.

- Neutral pH floor maintainer.
- Suitable for vinyl, linoleum, thermoplastic, rubber, sealed wood & cork, terrazzo, marble, & most sealed floors.
- Contains detergent and polyethylene wax-based floor maintainer for damp mopping and spray buffing.
- Can be buffed to a rich slip resistant shine on sealed floors.
- Pink emulsion with floral fragrance.

- For professional and industrial use only.
- Always test floor to ensure that it is not harmed by water before proceeding.
- Sweep floor to remove loose soil, then dust mop floor to remove fine dust.
- Mix 25ml Protreat per litre of warm water depending upon level of soiling (1 to 40).
- Apply solution to floor by mop or sparingly by fine mist trigger sprayer. If spray buffing, follow up with rotary machine fitted with spray buffing pad.
- When floor has dried, buff to a shine with dry buffing or polishing pad.

pH Values
- pH Concentrate: 8.0
- pH Diluted: 8.0

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