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System 3000 Air Freshener Refill Summer Flowers

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12 x 280 mL
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Air Freshener Refills Summer Flowers is an intensely perfumed odour neutralizer, designed to fit into a metered air freshener dispensers.

- Air Freshener Refill is formulated to remain suspended in the air for many hours, eliminating mal-odours. One unit, suitably placed, will fragrance approx. 6000 cubic feet. Each aerosol delivers 3000 applications, set to spray at 20 minute intervals. One aerosol will last approx. 6 weeks.
- Air Freshener Refill is available in a range of perfumes; some extremely well suited to offices and boardrooms, whilst others find applications in nursing homes.
- Air Freshener Refill masks and then eliminates odours making it a must have in washrooms and other areas where bad odours flourish.

Method of Use
Position the Air Freshener Refill aerosol into the dispenser and set the timer to the desired interval.

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