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Clover 510 STC Acidic Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

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Toilet Cleaner Descaler 5 Litre

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Clover STC Acidic Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

Bactericidal toilet and washroom cleaner. STC is used neat for descaling toilets and urinals or as a diluted solution for general washroom cleaning.
- The thick blue liquid contains safe sulphamic and citric acids to dissolve limescale and organics and remove grease, body oils and scum from surfaces.
- Ideal for cleaning toilets, urinals, showers and sinks, STC is safe for use on stainless steel.
- Ideal for washrooms in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, shops, stores and airports.

- Pour or spray onto surface, allow to soak for a few moments before washing away with water.
- Can be used diluted up to 10 parts water or undiluted, depending on level of soiling. Use a brush if necessary.
- When cleaning chrome, dilute with 40 parts cold or hot water.
- Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces or vitreous enamel.

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