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Super Shine Floor Pad System Medium 17" (43cm) Red

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Use to wet clean the floor so that the dull soiled surface is transformed into a smooth clean floor. This pad removes a thin layer from the surface, cleaning away chemical build-up, old floor finishes and ingrained dirt. Strips floor back to remove scoring, scratch marks and staining.

Use dry.

Use dry.


The innovative, quick and easy system to deap clean, polish and maintain hard floors.

Transform dull, worn floors into a brilliant gleaming polished surface.

This remarkable new floor pad system is so quick and easy to deep clean, polish and maintain hard floors during normal cleaning hours, using normal equipment and existing staff - no specialist contractors are needed!

Innovative and versatile, you can achieve an amazing high-sheen finish that�s smooth, clean, gleaming, slip-resistant, safe and hygienic. Even dull, scratched and soiled floors can be transformed without the restoration headache.

Pads can be used wet or dry with all sizes and makes of auto scrubbers and high speed floor machines. The pad system uses state-of-the-art industrial diamonds as its cleaning/polishing medium.

The diamond sizes are carefully selected for each grade of pad to allow Terrazzo, Natural or Manufactured Stone and polished Concrete to be deep cleaned and then maintenance polished.

The biggest and most well used floors are no barrier!

Especially ideal for larger, high-traffic floors in supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, showrooms, schools, high-tech production plants, airports and public amenity areas. In fact any site where large floor areas need to be cleaned, polished and maintained to make a lasting impression with the minimum of disruption.

Environmentally friendly

This innovative floor pad system allows floors to be cleaned, polished and maintained naturally without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, polishing compounds and other toxic substances.

Remarkable labour and cost saving performance!

A highly efficient system offering substantial saving in labour and energy costs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Extremely cost-effective with increased working lifetime using the same pads. Overcomes the need for expensive periodic maintenance. Achieves a more consistent finish on a wide variety of hard floor surfaces. 20mm thick pads for longer operating life. Open weave pad design for improved self-cleaning. Can be used wet or dry. Cleans deeper, particularly when used wet. Pad performance enhanced by increasing pressure and speed without affecting pad life. No harsh strippers, chemicals or expensive polishes. Allows greater airflow for better dust handling during dry use. Minimises heat build-up when dry burnishing at any speed to achieve a higher gloss finish.

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