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Rubbermaid 402312 Clean Seat Foaming 400 ml Refill

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SafeTouch Seat and Handle Cleaner provides an added level of personal hygiene for toilet visitors. Simply apply SafeTouch to a toilet tissue and wipe down toilet seats and washroom handles to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. SafeTouchs alcohol-based solution removes dirt and bacteria and eliminates the need for messy and awkward seat covers. SafeTouch is available in an economic spray version or in a more luxury foam version. SafeTouch enhances the washroom experience while helping to reduce the cross-contamination risk.

Five good reasons to buy

-Keeps toilet seats clean, hygienic and germ-free -Protects washroom users against the risk of infection -Anti-microbial technology makes these the safest washroom dispensers available -Fast dry foam solution that doesn't drip or clog -Looks clean is clean! A well cared for facility will improve employee morale and increase customer, visitor and tenant satisfaction.

Product Specifications:

Refill case pack: 12 x 400ml pouch Number of doses: 1000 shots per refill Toilet Seat Germs It takes at least five consecutive hands washes to get rid of germs and bacteria that are picked up after touching a contaminated toilet seat just one time. Harmful and infectious germs and bacteria can survive for hours on a toilet seat, multiplying within minutes and presenting a health risk. The SafeTouch Seat and Handle Cleaner removes any visible dirt and, more importantly, deals with invisible germs and bacteria on the top and underside of toilet seats. Technical Concepts washroom hygiene products and formulations are fully tested and compliant under current EC legislation.

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