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Unger Green Microfibre Micro Wipe Cloth

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Unger Microfibre Micro Wipe Cloth

Professional glass cleaning with the UNGER SmartColor MicroWipe 200

The SmartColor MicroWipe 200 microfiber cloth is particularly suitable for picking up liquids and dust due to its high absorption capacity*. It also easily removes dirt and bacteria from microscopic crevices and depressions*.

Low long-term costs with the SmartColor MicroWipe 200

The SmartColor MicroWipe 200 also demonstrates long durability, allowing frequent use on rough surfaces before it becomes thinner or has holes.** The quality of the microfiber cloth only deteriorates after 200 wash cycles - all these criteria indicate a long life, which significantly reduces long-term costs.

Optical coding for communication across all language barriers with the SmartColor MicroWipe 200

By dividing the tools into defined cleaning areas, the cleaning processes are optimized. Above all, the 4-colour system prevents the dangerous spread of germs, thus protecting cleaning personnel and third parties. The colour coding also makes it easier to use certain chemicals to protect material assets such as furniture and floors.
The SmartColor MicroWipe 200 is available in the size 40x40 cm.

80 % polyester, 20 % polyamide

* Standard US Industry Tests; ** ASTM Tests

  • High quality microfibre cloth
  • Resistant against frequent commercial wash cycles
  • Four-colour system for optical coding optimises cleaning by dividing tools and areas
  • Matching coded tools assigned to specific cleaning areas prevent dangerous bacterial contamination
  • Colour-coding facilitates the application of specific chemicals, thus protecting valuables like furniture and floor coverings
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