Hygiene Monitor

Capture reliable data – manage, audit and review the cleaning regime of your facilities, using cutting-edge technology

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Buy Now Professional Plus – Hygiene Monitor
The Professional Plus hygiene monitor from us allows you to accurately record the time, date, location and the name of the person who attended to your washrooms / facilities (and if they were late or early!). Employees are individually issued with a (credit card-sized) Smart card to use every time they are scheduled to clean and monitor the facilities. You can then view all this collected reliable data on a computer.

Now that’s smart
The Professional Plus monitoring system is hygiene monitor design taken into another stratosphere. For businesses and organisations who wish to both monitor and record hygiene compliance by collecting data that cannot be altered or amended in any way, the Professional Plus – with its leading-edge Smart card technology ‘built-in’ – is the ideal choice.

Improve your business image and customer confidence
Don’t worry that capturing data creates a kind of ‘Big Brother’ atmosphere – a climate of suspicion that in turn erodes trust and staff moral. Customers who have opted for the Professional Plus tell us how their cleaning staff actually likes the system – it creates an enhanced feeling of professionalism amongst employees: they work for a company that considers and cares about their customers and staff; a modern, forward-thinking company that has ’got with the program’ and made improved adherence to hygiene compliance a priority!