07-02-2023 - Caterogies are missing Position (Merlin Region) is not being updated/imported

02-02-2023 - Re-Indexing / elastic search 

02-02-2023 - Cache Management > Page Cache

25-01-2023 - Install Facebook Pixel Tracking

01-02-2023 - New Stock fails to add/populate  "Google Name"

01-02-2023 - Invoices are Blank

31-01-2023 - Customers are unable to download file. Broken link on Quick Order See Image

27-01-2023 - Menu is not working when we search any item. See Image

23-01-2023 - Crons > 3 crons are getting stuck all the time. See Image

21-12-2022 - AMP > Invalid URL protocol in attribute 'href' of tag 'a'  Check the links Here and Here Also check the screenshot Here

08-12-2022  - Use No Index, no follow on Bugs page, customers are visiting this page.

08-12-2022  - Add option for meta description and meta title for all the pages that include forms like quickorder, customer-feedback, contact  , credit-application-form 

08-12-2022  - Mark all duplicate pages with a rel="canonical" link tag.

06-12-2022 Please update search and widen search frame 

01-12-2022  - Cache Management - Page Cache (Every Day we need to run it, can we add a dailu cron for ALL "Cache Management"

25-11-2022  - New Field Stock Qty+ {stkuser.usern6}  "Quantity + {stkuser.usern6}" at present all our kits are showing as 0 qty

01-10-2022  - Google Feed Reviews

Google_Feed - Reviews
Google GA4


SEO  PageSpeed Insights (web.dev)

Magento Extensions

Varnish Integration - New


14-10-2022 Chechout Page VERY VERY SLOW

17-10-2022 Magento Security Patches

21-11-2022 Prices from wrong table  https://www.cleaningproducts.net/huskee-round-bin-blue-75-litre-80000517

28-10-2022 - Robots.txt

27-10-2022 - Webp Images Format

09-11-2022 Hyperlink to burger icon and "All Categories" https://www.cleaningproducts.net/browse-by-category

04-11-2022 - Shipping Rates Postcode Export/Import

27-10-2022 - Google Carriage Charge  {stock.carriage_charge} + vat/tax

04-11-2022 - URLs https://www.cleaningproducts.net/catalog/product/view/id/295/s/limeaway-toilet-cleaner-amp-descaler-angle-neck-80000331

01-11-2022 - Product page"Custom Block 2" to the footer of the product page frontend

26/10/2020 - Categories are getting empty (products disappears from categories)? DO NOT RE-USE CATEGORIES

25/10/2020 - MOQ info line 

26/10/2020 - Product Variations / Selection not visible

21/10/2020 - Categories - Products not being displayed as per position number  https://www.cleaningproducts.net/catering-supplies/kitchen-sanitiser

20/10/2020 - Force "Push failure order to Merlin" Common Menu

20/10/2020 - CRITICAL ISSUE  Customers are not able to login on website (Login not working). We need to fix that as soon as possible. Login only works on incognito window or if we delete the cookies. Please check the cookies and how they are beeing used. Same issue as Dispensers Backend. Customers don't even get error messages. Click Here for Image

15-10-2022 Cron "Stock D - Update" stuck at 90%

14-10-2022 Sales Order Status  On order list Status  = Pending Payment       On order info Status  = Processing